MGOLD-022 | This is our “discipline” Ruri Konno

MGOLD-022 | This is our “discipline” Ruri Konno
Label: Faleno Star
Categories: Beautiful Girl
Studio: Faleno

10 years ago, Ruri started living with her stepfather after her mother got married. Ruri quickly became attached to her stepfather, and their relationship became like that of her real father and son. Even after her mother passed away five years before her, her stepfather continued to raise her daughter with care. One day, her father-in-law's behavior was different from usual. My father-in-law was quietly working on a plan. A plan to make his daughter-in-law's body his own. ``Your body is mine only...'' Ruri's adult breasts, her buttocks, and her private parts... Her gears are in motion and cannot be stopped. "It's no good, stepfather... I can still turn back... I can still try again..." Is this love or sexual desire? Her daughter had no choice but to continue accepting her stepfather's twisted behavior. All she wanted was for him to ejaculate inside her vagina.


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